Saturday, 21 July 2012

Dragon ART

Dragons have taken on many forms in our world and therefore it is only right that they have also become a very common part of art. There are so many different designs featuring dragons that this is where most of us get our images of them from. These common images have been passed down for centuries and that is why some people believe that dragons may have once roamed the Earth. Yet there is no real evidence to show that this indeed happened.

Paintings are the most common types of dragon art. You can often tell the type of culture and the time frame when it was done too. For those cultures such as the Chinese that have a strong bond with the dragon, this type of art work is even more common. In addition to drawings they also make masks and kites that feature amazing artistic abilities.

Sculptures of dragons are also found around the world. Some of them are very large to help symbolize the size and power that the images of dragons often give. They can be found at museums and art galleries. Some people display them in their homes as well. They are also symbolic in front of restaurants and other types of businesses operated by the Chinese.

On a smaller scale in size but still very common is dragon art in the form of tattoos. While men generally are the recipients of such art work, some women have been known to feature them as well. If you decide to get a dragon tattoo you want to make sure it is done by someone well qualified. You don't want to regret getting it later on because you don't like how it looks.

If you are interested in capturing the ability to draw dragons, you can take some lessons. Not everyone has the natural ability to do this. There are classes you can take as well as online videos that will show you the basics. There is a great deal of room to explore your personal creativity when you are engaging in such types of dragon art though. It can be a great deal of fun though so make sure you find an avenue of art that you really enjoy for it.